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This is beyond deep. I don’t even have a snarky comment for this one.

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put your nipples on his balls

Please tell me that this is fake. I have nothing but snark to contribute to this if it’s real.

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Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls (via Chescaleigh)

Born and raised in the suburbs, this video is basically my life story in 2 minutes. Throw me a reblog if you can relate.

Unbelievably ACCURATE!

She forgot the “innocent” question of “why do black people have a … scent?”

 this is SPOT ON lol

holl-ER! haha

I’m so glad the white girls I deal with now don’t do these things. But when I was in high school? OMG.

This was funny though.

lmao the cigarettes though LMAO

and she forgot “your hair looks so much better when it’s straightened!”

hear that every time I wear my natural texture lol

She left out the most important one: “You are so articulate.”

As well as, “What are…….you’re reading?” while she looks at you with the most bewildered look ever! I kid you not! I’ve heard this several times. 

Really? Really?!

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Tweets from kids trying to use Wikipedia for their homework—and failing. SOPA! 

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Trying to use Wikipedia for their homework—and failing to hit that “learn more” link.



These foolish children are the epitome of IRONY right now. 

I don’t understand the angst from these people. 

The majority of the internet is still working. Where do they think Wikipedia gets all their information? 

There is this super cool place called the Library. It’s home to thousands upon thousands of things called books. Go there and read one so that you can write your papers. Also, these kids are on friggin Twitter. News about the blackout is all over Twitter! WTF?

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(Chart) U.S. Wealth Distribution: Perception vs. Reality

The most interesting thing about this is that even with a completely underestimated perception of the actual wealth inequality in this country, most Americans still think the wealth should be redistributed more equally. If that’s not inchoate socialism, I don’t know what is.

xkcd did a great chart visualizing weal distribution in our country. The median US after-tax household income is just shy of $40,000 per year; for the top 10% of earners, median household income tops $200k per year. Five times the median. Does that seem like it encourages a healthy economy?

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I was hardly prepared for the profound emotional impact of The Slave Ship: A Human History. Reading it established a transformative and never to be severed bond with my African ancestors who were cargo in slave ships over a period of four centuries. Their courage, intelligence and self respect; their fierce efforts to free themselves (and, though cruelly bound, to create community) moved me so deeply that, for several days, I took to my bed. There I pondered the madness of greed, the sadism of wielding absolute power over any creature in chains, the violence of attempting to dominate and possess what is innately free. For all Americans and indeed all those who live in the Western world who have profited by, or suffered from, the endless brutality of the slave trade, during all its centuries and into the present, this book is homework of the most insistent order. There is no re-balancing of our wrecked planet without sitting with, and absorbing, the horrifying reality of what was done, by whites, by the West, by the wealthy, to our beloved ancestors, The Africans, who endured and sometimes survived ‘the middle passage’ to bring their radiance and their indomitable spirits into the New World. What, now, is to be done? That is the question that can only have a collective answer

Alice Walker, author of the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel, The Color Purple

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The REAL 'Lone Ranger' Was An African American Lawman Who Lived With Native American Indians Link post


If the Lone Ranger reboot was actually about THIS man, I would have gone to see it.

Unless they insisted on keeping Johnny Depp. Euw.

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We go into First Nations communities to talk to youth about gangs. When asked, the kids estimate that about 95% of Aboriginal youth is involved in gangs. The actual number is 3%.

Susan Swan, an Ojibway from the Lake Manitoba First Nation

The impact of stereotyping young people

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