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Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge Link post


More than 700 people were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday evening during a march by anti-Wall Street protesters who have been occupying a downtown Manhattan square for two weeks.

The group, called Occupy Wall Street, has been protesting against the finance industry and other perceived social ills by camping out in Zuccotti park in New York.

During the afternoon a long line of protesters numbering several thousand snaked through the streets towards the landmark bridge across the East River with the aim of ending at a Brooklyn park.

However, during the march across the bridge groups of protesters sat down or strayed into the road from the pedestrian pathway. They were then arrested in large numbers by officers who were part of a heavy police presence shepherding the march along its path.

At one stage 500 protesters were blocked off by police on the bridge. At least one journalist, freelancer Natasha Lennard for the New York Times, was among those arrested.

Is anyone shocked by this? It will be interesting to see what happens as more people show up. 

New York Times(!) has great coverage here. It appears police may have inadvertently (at best) or purposefully (at worst) led some of the marchers from the walk bridge to where they were arrested. Several reports have Tony Bologna as one of the officers who was walking ahead of marchers. Here’s one photo that appears to show him talking with officers watching over several handcuffed protesters on the bridge.

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14 yr old Black female

Height: 5’8”

Dark complected, black eyes, short hair cut but may be wearing a weave. Last seen September 30, 2011 in East Flatbush vicinity. If you see or have seen her please contact: (718) 941-9519, (347) 756-3727, or (718) 314-6539

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War On Words: NYC Dept. Of Education Wants 50 ‘Forbidden’ Words Banned From Standardized Tests Link post


‘Dinosaur,’ ‘Birthday,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Poverty,’ ‘Divorce’ Among Those Suggested

also “sex” “pornography” “abuse” and others.

I can’t be bothered to even read this right now.

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The National Museum of the American Indian (NYC) will be hosting a Genealogy workshop hosted by Angela Walton Raj on Thursday, September 13, 2012 at 6PM. Raj, who maintains the African-Native American website, will be give “step by step strategies in documenting Native ancestry in African American Families using 19th and 20th century records”. The workshop is FREE and open to the public, no RSVP required.

Please help spread the word about this wonderful opportunity.

I have class during this time but if you are able to attend this event and can perhaps take notes or provide some form of summary for others, please let me know.

- Jal

I need to call my fam in NYC.

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knowledge equals black power: Interesting articles on NYC History, Black History, Slavery and shit you might've missed Link post


To Be a Slave in Brooklyn

They pulled up the floorboards in the chimney room and found five corncobs arranged in what appeared to be a cross or star shape. New Yorkers renovating old houses may have encountered such things and discarded them. But to experienced eyes,…

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Anti-Obama Facebook Rant Could Cost NY Cop His Badge

A police officer goes on a racist, threatening facebook rant against the president, telling him to…

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Because it’s even a question.

I other countries he would no longer be able to tweet. Some freedoms are abused with ignorance.

NYPD officer calls himself “Coon Trapper”.

How apt. But y’all, the Stop and Frisk ruling was overturned! Obviously the NYPD is totes post-racial and shit!

…….my country is on drugs…

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