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A Serious Letter

Dear Captain Kirk,

I have seen the historical films of the star-ship Enterprise entitled “Star Trek”.

I would like to point out that, even though you live in the 23rd century, the grammatical structure of the English language seems not to have changed very much. Therefore, I would like to inquire as to why you would state that part of your mission is “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

How can one boldly go somewhere?

My dear Captain, were you not taught to avoid split-infinitives or how to construct an adverbial phrase properly?

…I digress.

I would be remiss to try to correct your statement, since there is no such thing as a split-infinitive.

Shocking, no? Many are wont to ignore the fact that English is a Germanic language and not a Latin-based tongue

However, dear sir, for the sake of my prescriptive ears, please cease with your use of split-infinitives.

Best Regards,

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Existence verbs are necessary.

I don’t think that the author of this Wall Street Journal article understands the difference between the present (progressive) tense and the past tense…or sentence construction in general…

”[…] our competitors are using the phone-hacking years ago at a British corner of News Corp. to assail the Journal, and perhaps injure press freedom in general.” 

Present progressive: are (using)

Past Tense: were [years ago=passage of time!]

I think that the author of this article could have said, “[…] our competitors have been engaging in phone-hacking for years at a British corner of News Corp. in order to assail the Journal, and perhaps to injure press-freedom in general.”

There are so many run-on sentences in the WSJ article. To quote Reasoning with Vampires, “sentences are not minivans!”

Sometimes the news can be so amusing

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Refreshers are always good for you, even when you think that you already know:

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Reasons why grammar is important to me:


Because if you don’t care about what you have to say, why should I?
Exactly! Amen!

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THANK YOU!!! Also, epically is not a valid adverb.

Epic fail = Yellow running

It just doesn’t make sense linguistically.

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I wish I were… (via Grammar Newsletter)

Even if you can’t remember the mood for the verb, I think that it’s easier to remember which pronoun goes with the verb. Conjugation charts are always helpful if you ever forget. I know that I do at times. ^_~

I was

you were

he/she/it was

we were

you were

they were

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