Bake That, Linguist!

So now, what has been repeatedly labeled as black trashy, black vulgar, black stripper dancing, has been “validated” by a child who doesn’t know who she is, likes to use actual human beings as living scenery in her videos as she copies most of our art forms, and is only seeking attention. The Mass Media in this country is sooo good at their jobs, it’s ridiculous….

Also, it’s obvious that no one who was involved in the writing and publishing of this article knows any African Americans, because that mess she did wasn’t even remotely twerking

And now I leave you with a quote:

"I think that the more it’s appropriated, assimilated, commodified, the more distant … the cultural contribution to global discourse becomes from actual black people. If blackness is separated from this aesthetic of cool that comes out of our culture … we lose the understanding of how much we are actually giving to this world." ~ Rebecca Walker "Black Cool: One Thousand Streams of Blackness"

August 28th, 2013 11 notes #yahoo #media #twerking #black cool #mtv #vmas #twitter #tumblr #news #entertainment news #theres that ol black tax again rearing its ugly head #thanks yahoo for LITTERALLY proving our point
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