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Who will take accountability LAPD?

Whether we like it or not, Dorner is still owed his due process. The LAPD has no intentions of binging him in alive, as evidenced by their setting a house on fire with Dorner inside (presumably). They’ve always been about acting first and asking questions later. Even if it kills others.


However, his actions have woken up so many people who were previously disinclined to believe PoC when it came to LAPD’s general lawlessness and eagerness to engage in brutal/deadly behaviors.

Margie Carranza, 47
Emma Hernandez, 71
“Jonas estimated that the officers fired between 20 and 30 rounds. Photographs of the back of the truck showed at least two dozen bullet holes. Neighbors, however, suggested there were more shots fired.” (Up to 50.)

David Perdue
“Moments later, Torrance Police Department officers responding to the gunfire slammed their cruiser into a black truck being driven by David Perdue and opened fire. Perdue’s attorney described the shooting as “unbridled police lawlessness” in an interview with The Times on Saturday.”

And now racial profiling is legal:

“San Diego Police Sgt. Benjamin Kelso is warning all African-American men that they could be stopped and questioned as the manhunt for Christopher Dorner continues.

If you’re an African American man, you could be stopped and questioned,” Kelso told Fox 5 San Diego. “There are many people that may look like Chris Dorner, myself included. If you are stopped and questioned its important to cooperate with officers.”

Attorney Doug Oden warned that all “large, black men, who have bald heads” should be “concerned,” adding that the $1 million dollar reward promised by the LAPD for information leading to Dorner’s apprehension could hinder rather than help the manhunt.”

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