Bake That, Linguist!

Asked my Dad about the antiblack stories told in Germany.

  • (A note from me, bakethatlinguist: Tumblr is being a pain and won't let me upload the video, so I gotta transcribe it. Fun times.)
  • Dad: While I was in Germany, in the Army, in 1962-1966...German men would tell German women that African Americans would grow a tail at twelve o'clock, midnight, and then we'd turn into the Devil and kill Germans [German women].
  • Me: Why was that?
  • Dad: The reason why they did that was because a lot of German women really, really liked African American men. Some would be with African American men publicly, but most would not, because of fear of retribution from German men.
  • Me: Oh.
  • Dad: Now, in Denmark (Copenhagen) and Switzerland and Sweden, they also liked African American [service] men. In Denmark, the Danish women would meet brothas at the train; they'd pick them up and take them home with them.
  • Me: What?!
  • Dad: Yeah...They were bold! All you had to do was bring a quart of Kessler's Whiskey with you and they'd take you home.
  • Me: [laughing]
  • Dad: ...They would! We were novel, because we weren't there. There weren't many living there. You know? And the Africans would come through, but [uh..] there weren't that many Africans coming thru in the first place. And when they did come through, they were mostly business men or traveling through. But the brothas would come thru in uniform (and sometimes out of uniform), and the Danish women knew that they were brothas and went out with them.
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