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The everyday lives of Irish and Africans are obscured by sources constructed by elites…Shaw overcomes the constraints such sources impose by pushing methodological boundaries to fill in the gaps, silences, and absences that dominate the historical record. By examining legal statutes, census material, plantation records, travel narratives, depositions, interrogations, and official colonial correspondence, as much for what they omit as for what they include [she] uncovers perspectives that would otherwise remain obscured. This book encourages readers to rethink the boundaries of historical research and writing and to think more expansively about questions of race and difference in English slave societies.


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General Tso’s Chicken has become a staple of American dining; a dish that, were it not for pizza, could be crowned the most popular ethnic food item in the country. And it’s a total cash cow. The dish is carried in most of the 50,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States, produced very cheaply, and sold for about $10 a pop, resulting in billions of dollars in tasty revenue.

‘The Search for General Tso’: The Origins of America’s Favorite Chinese Dish, General Tso’s Chicken, The Daily Beast

Some notable history in this fascinating article: Apparently the Chinese food industry was first borne of the Chinese Exclusion Act, an infamous 19th century anti-immigration law which forced many Chinese immigrants out of the labor force. Self-employment became a necessity, and immigrants moved away from the West Coast partly to avoid persecution.

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Buzzfeed literally just been up on black twitter and black tumblr


stealing fucking “teen” words? 



yeah. I saw this the other day and came to the same conclusion. half those words are multiple decades old.

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if you’re in your 20s and you’re defending your right to chill with fuckin 14 year olds in any way that doesn’t resemble a chaperone, consider this: you’re a grown ass adult, the fuck is wrong with you

and as an addendum if…

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Why do we spell the country as ‘Philippines’ but the language as ‘Filipino’?

Philippines is an old English name of the country. It was a Spanish colony, the Spanish name for the country is Islas Filipinas. Then the people of the Philippines decided to choose a new language to become the national language. They chose a language called Tagalog. Tagalog called the Philippines the same way as Spahish.

Subsequently they decided to rename Tagalog to Filipino to highlight its role as a national language. And English just borrowed the name.


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Philippines is the English name of the country after Islas de Filipinas. How they came up with that name from Filipinas I have no clue but the name has has stuck since the American colonization which in turn derives from a colonial name that has stuck with us during our 333 (when Spain eventually got a foothold in 1565 during Miguel Lopez de Legazpi expedition years later after Magellans voyage and arrival in 1521) years of Spanish colonization. It really should be changed because it’s still a colonial name which comes from a Spanish King we never acknowledged. But I already discussed this here and it’s another topic all together, one that will be very long and passionate so I’ll leave it for another day.

The people of the Philippines did not choose Tagalog to be the national language. The Tagalogs did. In which at the time and still is, the seat of power was in Manila, a Tagalog region. Andres Bonifacio himself declared the people and nation as Katagalugan, “the Tagalog nation”, saying that we were all Tagalog which means “people by the river”, when in fact there are hundreds of other ethnic groups besides the Tagalogs and languages in the archipelago, and not all of them live by a river let alone understand one another. 

They never renamed Tagalog as Pilipino. Tagalog is Tagalog. Pilipino is Pilipino, which essentially is Tagalog with very, very few words borrowed from other Philippine languages but essentially Tagalog in grammar and form. The “Pilipino language” is just a mask and fake nationalistic term to hide the fact that it’s essentially just Tagalog to try and settle the disputes held and still held that we have a national language to represent all of us in a sense of nationalistic pride.

In the Philippines the language is spelled Pilipino not Filipino. The country is officially called Republika ng Pilipinas, or in English, The Republic of the Philippines. Filipino is just the English spelling as the letter “f’ and the sound is not from our indigenous alphabet or sounds, it is instead “p”. The “f” sound, along with j, x, c, and z was only introduced during Spanish and American colonization. 

*drops mic*

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if you didn’t know stuff about humans you would think they get mad at the weirdest stuff

like one human raises their thumb to another human

that’s good, humans like that

one human raises their middle finger to another human

humans do NOT LIKE THAT

humans think that is a BAD FINGER

don’t you DARE raise that specific finger at me

any other finger is ok just not that one

Anthropology will be the hard elective in alien school.

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                                          Como La Flor
Como La Flor by Selena
Album Name: Entre a mi mundo
Play Count: 40,643 plays

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Ok but except for that ‘danger’ part for both children and adults because a moderate and controlled amount of danger is actually really healthy and important. Skinned knees and sprained ankles and broken hearts and burned bridges are part of life.

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"he real cute but he prolly don’t like black girls."

that is literally the first thing i think when I see any handsome guy. and ya know that thought is like both…

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the only reason i go to school is because i donn’t wanna be an unemployed college drop out. i wanna be an unemployed college graduate 

thats the spirit

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